Volumio Primo

Volumio sent me their first in-house product to have a listen to and evaluate. They call it the Primo. It is what I would refer to as an all-in-one digital music source. It runs on Volumio’s own developed software that offers playback of music files stored on a local USB hard drive, network shares or […]


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Allo Katana Player

Allo Katana Player review The Katana recipe: The Katana is Allo’s flagship DAC/Streamer, using the popular Raspberry Pi at its base. The Raspberry Pi is a small single board computer running a mostly Linux-based operating system that gives the Katana DAC a network connection and/or local storage for processing and converting music files for your […]

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Allo DigiOne Signature Player

Allo DigiOne Signature Player review Introduction: I received a surprise package in the mail a bit more than a month ago, all the way from Mumbai, India. I immediately knew that it was sent to me by Allo.com as the package looked almost identical to the Katana I received some weeks before. To my surprise […]

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Review 1/2: Allo DigiOne Transport

Allo DigiOne Transport Review What it is, and what it’s not: The DigiOne is essentially a sound card for a Raspberry Pi computer. The Raspberry Pi has a built-in sound card but the sound quality is not nearly acceptable for even a beginner computer audiophile. It has timing issues, power issues and noise issues to […]

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Review 2/2: Allo Boss DAC

Allo Boss DAC Review What it is, and what it’s not: The same section under my DigiOne review is applicable here as well. Please read that if you have not done so already. Just as with the Allo DigiOne, the Allo Boss is also an add-on sound card for the RaspBerry Pi. It plugs into […]

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